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    • CommentAuthorbeac
    • CommentTimeDec 3rd 2008
    I have a few sets of Blue Jay- Donruss baseball cards. They are from MacDonalds and they are called Great Moments 1985 - 1992. Just wondering if anyone knows if they are worth anything or ever heard of them. i have 3 maybe 4 sets.
    hi there,
    Sets like these tend to sell for a few dollars if complete. Hope that helps and let us know if you need anything else.

    • CommentAuthorjohn john
    • CommentTimeFeb 25th 2009
    i have lots of 1988 donruss blue jays cards just wondering if they are worth any thing
    Hi John John,
    Cards from that era tend to have very little value unless they are of star players and/or they have been authenticated by a third party. Hope that helps.
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