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    I need some advice please.....It was 16 years ago that I last seen my childrens Father,since then our two children and myself have not recieved any support from him, not finacially or emotionally. Recently I was at my nephew's new house helping him move in to his new home and we came across my ex's baseball card collection and I was speachless. I don't remember ever giving him the collection. At the time (16years ago) when my ex and I broke up my nephew was there in our building,so I'm thinking he must of taken them out of the man's car when I told him to leave.When we broke up, I put all of his things in his car and told him to come and get them. Now I am very sick to my stomache knowing that my nephew has had these cards and never told me and never mention nothing to my kids. I want to confront my nephew in front of his wife and ask for them back and I am nervous.If he refuses to give them back I dont know what I'll say to him. I love him dearly but I also love my kids and I feel they deserve them ,every last one of them. My kids never had the chance to be raised by there father but that was his choice now... look at what this nephew is doing .It's the only thing they have to remember a father that walked out on them.I don't know what is coming but I hope he dosen't lie to me and tell me he sold them. Any advise for me? I would like for my children to have them . My nephew has two children also and I am sure he can understand how I feel ,but what to do??????
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    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2008
    Just a couple thoughts:

    1. It sounds like your nephew was a child when he took the cards and probably thought to himself that he didn't deserve to have them if he was leaving you, so he took them. Just don't tie into him as an adult for something he did as a child.

    2. I would never confront him in front of his wife. Explain to him what you were doing, when you ran across the cards. Ask him how he acquired them and then ask for them back. Who knows you may have given them to him and just not remember, so if you do go confront him you may come out looking real dumb.
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