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    I signed up for the free membership to look at My Colletions. Have decided to buy a membership for one month to try it out. Now I cannot figure out how to update the membership.

    • CommentAuthorfreeosin
    • CommentTimeAug 24th 2008
    I cant figure out how to cancel my membership...
    Hi to both of you,
    Membership changes can be made through the Account Details section found on the dashboard. Let me know if you have any more questions. I appologize for the delay, I'm currently driving out west and only able to check in a few times a day.
    blacksoxfan, thanks for the help. Everything seems to be working fine now. I have a couple of questions about this site. Noticed that the checklist does not cover the past couple of years. Also noticed that a lot of sets do not have prices. How long do you think it will take to get the site up to date?

    Hey Roy,
    Glad to see things are working for you. We are currently working on updating the site with sets from the last few years. When this happens, we will also be adding many non-baseball themes such as football, basketball, hockey, auto-racing and more. When that update is in place, our system will be updated as new sets are released.

    With regards to your second question - we do have a solution in place. We are always adding more sets to the pricing system; however, with over 20,000 sets already in our system, we cannot always update everything. My advice to you is to use the "Request pricing" feature. This is found on every set where we do not have pricing available. This will alert us to customer interest and help us prioritize which sets to release next.

    Let me know if you need any more help.
    Thanks for the reply. I really like the layout of My Collections and hope to be using it for a long time.

    That's great to hear. We're working on a few system upgrades that should help you with management and valuation of your collection. We're always open to suggestions as well.
    The only 2 things that I would like to see added to My Collections are more then 10 items per page and being able to print it out.

    Hi Ray -
    We are actually working on both of those! Keep the suggestions coming.
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