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    • CommentAuthorhanlon27
    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2007
    Why won't the website keep track of my total value in the "my collection" section? Anyone else having this problem?
    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2007 edited
    Do you mean the total cost of your cards or the current market value?
    • CommentAuthorhanlon27
    • CommentTimeSep 23rd 2007
    It shows my current market value but where it says "average value" and "total value" next to "total cards" it is showing 0??
    Right now, those numbers are based on the cost of your collection. We are working on calculations based on current market value right now. Have you entered in a "cost" for your cards?
    • CommentAuthorhanlon27
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2007
    sorry, maybe im just not understanding this the right way. what is the difference between the price column and the cost column?
    • CommentTimeSep 24th 2007 edited
    No reason to apologize. The cost field is an editable field that is where you enter how much you spent on a card. The price field is for current market value information. One of the issues were are dealing with is how we display the price on cards we have not published pricing for. Let me know if you have any more questions!
    • CommentAuthorshugg
    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2009
    do you want the date of the player or date on card, because i can`t find the date. what am i doing wrong
    Hi Shugg,
    I don't understand your question. Would you explain what you are looking for?
    • CommentAuthortfosterok
    • CommentTimeOct 16th 2009
    Is there an easier way to find the price of a card besides going to the price guide and scrolling thru all the cards. I have been typing in the players name and then scrolling, trying to find the player and the type of card. It is taking forever. For instance, Don Mattingly, 1991, Score?
    Hi tfosterok,
    Our search engine is actually able to handle dynamic search queries. By this I mean that you can type in "Don Mattingly 1991 Score" into the search box and it will return the relevant results. Also, if you are on a player page (, you can use the filters at the top of the card list to get to the cards you are most interested in looking at.

    Hope that helps, let us know if you have any further questions.
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