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    Ok, i try my best

    I selected to browse a set, don't matter which 1 they all seem to do it.

    It displays the set card 1 to what i think to be 25, but i can only see to #20 the last 5 seem to be down off the bottom of the page. When i click the next button I start with 26 down to what should be 50 but only seeing to 44. if i click next again it starts at 51 and so on.

    On the other hand if I click on the back button they will list proprely.

    Not a big problem as for the listings are there, i just find myself always clicking the back button.

    Well that is very interesting. If i recall you are using Firefox. Are you sure that the page is displaying just 20 results? Some sets have multiple players on a single card and because of the way the database is structured, you will see multiple lines in our displays for that. While it is something we would fix, we have elected to bypass that for now as there will be a whole new database powering the site. The new database will include information from all the databases that we own, so it we thought a better use of time would be to get the new data set in place.

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