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    • CommentAuthorcsp
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2008
    Hi, I recently was given baseball cards that have been pasted down to family members and i have a jackie gleason card and am looking for pricing on it and some other cards as well. I'm having a hard time as I am new to the baseball collecting/collection world. Any help would be great.
    hi there,
    do you have any digital images of the cards that you could show us?
    • CommentAuthorastrolou46
    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2008
    Hi there,
    I'm not sure what card that is. You may want to try searching eBay for copies of it.
    • CommentAuthorwillie_77
    • CommentTimeNov 3rd 2008
    i have a few vision signings cards and I was wondering if they were worth anything.
    hi willie_77,
    It all depends on the players and condition of the cards in question.

    • CommentAuthormyers509
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2008
    I am new to this site, and am trying to sell some of my old cards. How do I list them, and what do the different conditions mean?
    Hi there,
    We do not buy or sell anything through the site at this time. If you would like to give me an idea of what you have, I will be happy to point you in the right direction.
    • CommentAuthormyers509
    • CommentTimeDec 21st 2008
    Hello blacksoxfan,
    Thank you! I have cards anywhere from 1953-1994. I realize my '80's-'90's cards are not exactly of high value at this time due to mass production. However, some of my older cards do have value such as the 1953 Ed Bailey, 1954 Wally Moon, 1968 Willie Stargell, 1970 Fred Patek, 1976 Johhny Bench, and a 1962 Babe Ruth Special "Babe Hits 60." I have literally thousands of cards, and am not very active with them anymore and feel I should sell them and get them to someone more appreciative and engaged. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
    As you have already guessed, your cards from the 80s and 90s are not likely to be very valuable. Exceptions do exist for things like star rookie cards (Rickey Henderson, Ripken, McGwire, Bonds, etc...) However, they are not intrinsically valuable. If they are in particularly nice shape and have been authenticated by a reputable third party, then they will probably be worth something. We have seen multiple item lots of cards from that era sell for very nominal prices (think $5 for over 1,000 cards). There is always wiggle room; but, that is circumstantial.

    As for the other cards you mentioned, the Bench and Stargell cards may have some value. However, much like the aforementioned cards ... the value is highly dependent on the condition.

    We do not endorse any particular marketplace; however, a lot of people have had luck with sites like and This is in addition to eBay. You should spend sometime looking at each of those sites and see if they work for you. If you have specific card that you would like further advice on, please ask us!

    Hope that helps!

    What do I go to here to find out the prices on the cards again please?
    Hi hardcoregal,
    I posted a response to this question in the other thread. Let me know if you have any questions.
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