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    • CommentAuthorHarryokie
    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2008 edited
    Does anyone know what an entire set of VG 1952 Bowman baseball cards are worth these days? It's been almost a year since I began collecting them and I have only 6 more to purchase until my set is complete. If anyone knows the approximate value, I would LOVE to know... thanks.
    Hey there,
    Is the set graded or raw?
    • CommentAuthorHarryokie
    • CommentTimeJul 24th 2008
    My set is raw... I began collecting sports cards for FUN just about a year ago since I was always in card shops and looking at them online with my 12 year old son. He convinced me to start collecting my own and I began with the 1952 Bowmans because I had read that they were an affordable "starter set" as well as a virtual highlight reel of mid-century baseball stars. It soon became a hobby and now I'm hooked. I just became a 'CardPricer' Member and am in the process of figuring out my collections worth using the online price guide here, but thanks for replying...
    Hey there,
    That would be the best way of going about it. You might want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with the grading standards that each company has. That will help you approximate the condition of your set. If you have any questions at all, just let us know and we'll be glad to assist you.
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