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    I've bought a couple boxes of 1994 Upper Deck and in one of them I found that many of the "Top Prospects" cards don't have the foil on them. In fact, they don't even have the right picture on them. They have pictures of non-Top Prospect players (Greg Swindell, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, among other some less known) with no name, no foil "Upper Deck". They have the "Top Prospects" back with the Upper Deck hologram. At first I thought is was just a freak pack, but within every pack there are cards like this. There are even the "Classic Alumni" and "Diamond Debuts" cards with this type of error. There are some of these foil cards with the correct front and back, but in every pack there are one or two of these error cards. I'm curious if anyone else has seen this. It seems highly improbable that this is some sort of "error" box that is completely unique. There has to be others. FYI the box was a 1994 Upper Deck Series 2 Eastern Region. I have another box with no such errors. Also, how would I go about getting them graded? Is this a known type of error with a name? I know in coin collecting there are "VAM" variations of certain Morgan dollars, double strikes, missing legs on buffalo nickels, etc. Any help would be appreciated.
    PSA ( is the largest authenticator around and tends to get the highest prices. There are also three other major graders (SGC/GAI/Beckett); however, PSA is the predominant presence in modern card collecting. Do you have any images available? That might help us advise you further.

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    Yeah. How do I post the pictures?
    Sorry for the delay, I have been traveling for the holiday weekend. We are currently installing and testing some forum upgrades that will allow you to post images and such. In the meantime, do you have them on an online photo site like photobucket or flickr?
    No. But I've uploaded them to a website I own. Not great scans, but I don't have much time to edit.



    On the front, they look like normal Upper Deck cards without the gold Upper Deck logo or name. On the back, they have the Top Prospects, Diamond Debuts, and Classic Alumni cards' backs. Very weird.
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