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    • CommentAuthorScot
    • CommentTimeMay 3rd 2008
    Hello. I have appx. 6000 older cards and need help selling some or all of them. I am 37 years old and have limited experience in knowing much about these, other than I finally went thru almost all of them one by one. It has taken a long time. I have a Beckett book and have been to other sites. Can anyone help or suggest a way to sell these in a fair and quick way at reasonable prices? I basically now know what I have and about what some of them are worth, it just seems many of the stores want to rip me off and I do not really know anyone personally interested. I would make someone a pretty good deal if given the chance. I know I am new to this and the site. Please bear with me. Thanks!!
    Hi Scot,
    When you say older cards - what era are they from? This will make a big difference in what you do.

    • CommentAuthornicunurse
    • CommentTimeJun 6th 2008
    I also have some 70's, 80's and early 90's baseball cards that I inherited when my spouse died several years ago. I am going through them now, cateloging and checking prices. The ones from the 70's show some wear because they were not in protective sleeves until I put them there, but all the others are in mint condition. I also have a box of Upper Deck from the early 1990's that has not been opened. Any offers??
    i have one barry bonds , bowman card 1990 . team pirats mint cond.
    you can contact me at for BARRY BONDS MINT COND CARD
    • CommentAuthorJockyboy2
    • CommentTimeJul 20th 2008
    i have the 1978 rookie shortstops card including Alan Trammell and Paul Molitor in near mint condition....for any offers contact me at
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