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    I have boxes and boxes of cards form 1973 and a few from 1972 and i have no idea what to do with them i got them at an estate sale, and now I'm lost where would i go to sell them, I have looked a few up and the are ok cards in good condition what should I do? please Help!!
    Hi there,
    If they are not in great shape - there probably won't be a great deal of demand for the items. You can try eBay, but I would not expect much money from those sales. Are any of them in nice condition?
    I took them to a card shop and he said they are in better condition than most cards he has seen from those years i dont know anytiong about cards so i have no idea if they are good or not
    Hi Reasbeck3-1 -
    You can try selling them on eBay as is. Alternatively, you can pull out some of the key cards or the cards in the best condition, and send them in for authentication. I would sell those off individually provided they come back in 9 or 10s.
    • CommentAuthorspi99
    • CommentTimeMay 19th 2008

    How many cards do you have? Would you be willing to sell all of them for one price?

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