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    Does anyone know if it is possible to sort your collection based on price? I currently don't have any graded cards. I am planning on sending some cards to be graded, but I would like to know which ones would be worth the time and cost. I'm almost to 1,000 cards and haven't entered in even half my collection. So, I would like a way to sort the collection based on say the average of the prices of the different grade or even just the top grade priced for each card. Thanks.
    Hi there -
    Currently we do not have that functionality in place. It sounds to me like you are interested in seeing the cards with the highest potential value. Is that correct?
    Yes, exactly. It'd be a great help in figuring out which ones to send in. I could just see which ones were worth the most, find them (physically) in my collection, then make a guess as to the grade. That way I wouldn't have to browse through pages of lists of my cards. I hope you think about adding the feature in the future. I'm sure other people would appreciate it as well, if only for knowing that it's there.
    Hi Rudie -
    We will certainly take note of this. It is a very good idea, I am just not sure where in the development schedule it will fall. Please keep the feedback coming, this is what will help us build a product that fits our customers' needs.
    Thanks, blacksoxfan. I really do like the site. I especially like the look of it.
    Thanks for your kind words - as we have transitioned in the finalized data publication system - our main focus over the next few months will be to produce more price guides. However, we are still developing some of the site features at the same time. You know how to find us if you need anything!
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