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    I have this card but cant seem to add it to my collection, how do i do this?
    Hi there -
    From the set page (, you can navigate to the card either by browsing or by using the "filter by name" or the "#" filter. Click the add button to the left. Alternatively, you can visit the single page ( and use the "Add to" features found at the top.
    Yeah i tried that and there is no 1987 there's an 88', but no 87 its #39 sportflics. It just doesnt exist on this site i guess.
    Hi there -
    If the card you have is a sportflics #39 of Nolan Ryan, then it is from the 1988 set and not the 1987 set.
    So if it has a copyright of 1987 its considered a 1988 set?
    The easiest way to determine year of issue (with modern cards) is to add one year to the last year for which you see statistics. Copyright is not necessarily the same as year of issue.
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