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    If you were going to put together a collection of the "Black Sox" what cards would you use for creating your set?

    Is there a year or set of cards that includes all of them that you could use to keep it uniform?
    And just to clarify I'm looking to put together a set of the main 8.
    Budget is everything. A collection with no budget will look dramatically different than a collection built on a small amount of money.

    That aside, McMullin only has one card that you'll ever see a copy of - his 1915 Zeenut (his name is spelled McMullen on it). Even in poor condition, a copy will run you a bit these days.

    To give you an idea of what I'm talking about - a T210 Jackson will run $50,000 at the low end (if not more). However, you can obtain a very presentable T200 (VG to VG/EX) for $500-$700.00. It's a team card, hence the low price. You can find a very poor condition w514 of Jackson for a few hundred.

    Similarly - Gandil and Cicotte are both in the T206 set. You can easily obtain copies of them for $25.00. Granted, for that type of money - you will have to settle for poor examples, but you can obtain them in most any condition without difficulty.

    The W514 set contains more Black Sox players (7) than almost any other set. The exception being the 1917 Davis Printing Set - which there is only one copy of each card known and is not coming up for sale anytime soon. It would probably sell for $500,000 in this market.

    I am somewhat of an expert on the w514s, and have put together the black sox subset several times over. If you go for an absolute beater of a set - you can get all 7 guys for around $1500.00.

    Hope that helps.
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