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    I am just getting started on a T206 HOF collection. I am new to these cards and was looking for any advice anyone could give me. Pitfalls, tips, etc.

    My goal is to purchase cards with a PSA grade of 4 or 4.5

    Thanks ahead of time for any constructive help.
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    Hey Abravfan11-
    The T206 is referred to as "The Monster", and for good reason. A great starting point is Patience is a must whenever anyone sets out down the T206 road. It's a set I have a lot of experience and I will be happy to help you out. How much do you know about the set? I don't want to waste your time by repeating things you may already know. There is also a free eBook available by Scot Reader. You can download it here: (which you will find you can subscribe to via our homepage) is an excellent resource. If you are just focused on T206 - you may not get as much use out of a subscription, but their website is fantastic. Lastly, check out our resources page - we have a free eBook by David Cycleback. While you have decided to focus on authenticated cards - understanding how cards are altered will help you make a better purchase.

    Hope that helps!
    What do I need to know about how cards are altered? Is any one of the resources you listed have more information about this than another that you know of?

    I'm planning on focusing just on HOF at first. I know that is an undertaking that could and will take years in itself.

    So far I have been trying to combine many different pricing resources to get an approximate current market value of a card and then search out cards at or below that price. So far I've had a little success but the market can be all over the place to say the least.

    Thanks for your help Ted.
    As for alterations - read the eBook we have for download from here. The set itself is a complicated and in depth. I would suggest you spend some time reading through all the material to educate yourself on the various brands, factory numbers, print variations, and so forth.

    One of the important things to remember about our price guide: we are simply reporting to you what items sell for in the open market. We are not actually valuing the cards. It's a fundamental difference in our approach. Many of the other pricing sites do not properly report what an item is currently going for. Keep that in mind when relying on price guides that utilize those methods.

    One thing you should notice here when you search through the transaction history is the fluctuation in price for T206s. Be patient and discerning and you can get some really fantastic deals. Buy from people with good feedback on eBay and make sure you are comfortable with the terms of any sale. If you are looking for the most economical examples - stick to those that have Piedmont and Sweet Caporal backs (when possible).

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    There are roughly 75 Hall of Famers subjects in the T206 set. PSA 4 prices vary widely depending on the subject. Putting aside the rare Wagner and Plank, and assuming common back types (e.g. Piedmont, Sweet Caporal), at the high end you can expect to pay about $3000 for Cobb (Green Portrait) and on the low side you can expect to shell-out about $200 for Wallace. In general, there is a modest premium for portraits. Also, there are four superprinted Hall of Fame subjects [Chance (Yellow Portrait), Cobb (Red Portrait), Evers (Yellow Sky) and Matty (Dark Cap)] that are more plentiful than the rest and therefore less expensive than they would be if they had experienced a more typical print run. You will not find very many PSA 4.5s as PSA only recently introduced half-grades and does not grant very many of them. Good luck. Scot Reader
    Thanks a lot for the info Scot and Ted.

    I've made 3 purchases so far, all graded PSA 4 from sellers with 100% positive feedback and over 2000 sales each.

    I've bought the following:

    Chief Bender Throwing w/ Trees Piedmont 350 $162.50
    Rube Marquard Follow Through Piedmont 350-460 $155.50
    Nap Lajoie Throwing Piedmont 150 $282.75

    I'm currently using several different pricing guides (,, to determine what a cards book value and current market value are. I then set a max price that I think is a fair price for the card and stick to it. Ultimately trying to get a good deal but if I see something I really like I'm willing to pay fair market value for it.

    I see a lot of auctions either in the history on this site or on ebay itself where a card will go for a lot more than I can figure it's worth. I'll see 9 auctions where a like card of the same PSA grade sells between $180 and $220 dollars and then one will show up for $450.

    I love and I mean LOVE to get a great deal on something. So collecting is not just about ammassing a huge collection quickly. I prefer to pick and choose slowly and get what I want at a great price if possible.

    I just don't want to make any foolish mistakes.
    I think you are doing pretty well with those buys. Ultimately - your margins are going to be smaller on the less expensive cards. Lajoie throwing was one of my earliest T206 cards. I think your approach is excellent. With the cards you are looking to buy - remember - there will always be another example available. Do you go to any shows? While you may pay a little "more" from a dealer - it's an excellent way to build a relationship and enjoy the hobby. Additionally, it keeps the hobby going - if dealers go away - the hobby will change a lot. Do you shop at any of the auction houses? Robert Edward Auctions, Goodwin and Co., Huggins and Scott, Mastro, as well as others are good places to look.

    I think your observations are very astute - you will (from time to time) even see where a 4 comes in at a higher price than a 5. No matter what guide you use - it is not a replacement for understanding the broader picture.

    These are ultimately worth what you pay for them (or what you sell them for).

    No, I've never been to a show, but I intend to the next time one comes to my city.

    I bought cards for several years back in the late 80's and into the early 90's but never took it seriously. I always enjoyed cataloging what I had but didn't approach it as many others do.

    I started recently looking at cards again online and in books and magazines and got the itch to start collecting and to take whatever my goal may be much more serious than anything I've done in the past.

    I set out looking at all different types of cards and sets and something kept drawing me back to the T206 set. Something about "The Monster" seems to resonate with me. So I decided to put my focus there.

    I'm going to start with the HOF players first and maybe later branch out to the other cards in the set.

    Already I feel the addiction I've read so much about creeping in. I own 3 cards in the set and just through research and working on pricing I have logged many hours at the computer.

    Thanks again for your help and feedback.
    No problem! Let us know if we can do anything else to assist you.

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