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    • CommentAuthortinhead
    • CommentTimeAug 11th 2007 edited
    How often does pricing get updated on the site?? I remembered talking with (Ted )is that you blacksoxfan,,,, at the national and you said you currently dont track (buy it now best offer).... But my question is how often do you run transaction checks on cards. One example, I purchased a high # 34 Goudey at the national (Trosky,, local player) in SGC grade 60... There is no pricing for that particular card since 2006 even though using an ebay search brings up one in psa 5 condition Item number: 330143398648.... Just curious!!!
    Hey there,
    Yes BSF=ted. Actually we do track best offers; if the sale is completed on eBay we do have it in our log. We are still moving a large amount of data around; so bare with us a few days if a few sets are a little sluggish getting "caught up". Once the data is all in place (a few days away), we will be on to updating sets daily. If a set is published, it will include the entire back log. Let me know if that answers your question.
    • CommentAuthortinhead
    • CommentTimeAug 12th 2007
    That ought to do it!!! Thanks...
    Why is it that all the players do not have prices diplayed next to them. If that is the case when will they be? I've searched for several players (Smoltz,Bonds,Glavine,etc)and have not been given a price. I understand having to update your data base but, there are numerous prices not displayed.
    Hi Powerbroker -
    If we have not released a price guide for a specific set - then you will not see the information posted. We are preparing for our new influx of data and moving toward the daily publication for you ladies and gentlemen.

    Let me know if you need further assistance.
    • CommentAuthorjustnuts
    • CommentTimeFeb 9th 2008
    I won a 1911 Zeenut Rogers on Ebay a week ago but it doesn't show up in the pricing (actually NO Zeenuts do and I know several have been auctioned on Ebay within the last week or two). What's the lag time for the pricing to show up or am I missing something? Thanks.
    Hey Justnuts -
    Congrats on the win! Zeenuts are a great set. We are actually moving to a whole new publication system, but rest assured - we are still collecting everything. We already have most of the zeenut sets ready to go on the new system. We're hoping in a week or so to have this new system up and running and I'll make sure that both the 1913 and 1914 Zeenuts are some of the first processed.
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