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    I got alot of 1992 Triple play cards and 1990 Donruss cards,I can find them but dont see the price on them can anyone help
    what do i need to look for to find the prices
    Hi Edmond -
    We have not release pricing for that set yet. Let us know if you have any further questions.
    about how long will it be to get pricing for that set
    I got the 8.99 one mouth price and it will not let me see the prices they have locks on them why is that
    We have not released all sets yet - we have instead focused on the cards with the most transactions. Everything that is not published is still in our queue and will be published as soon as we can get to it. You have two weeks to try out the site, if you find that sets you are interested are not published - you can cancel through the account management screen. Please let us know what sets you are more interested in so that we can prioritize them for you.
    • CommentAuthordlt90
    • CommentTimeDec 16th 2007
    I do not really understand how to help my son set up his account.. he is trying to list all his cards in here and get prices for them. some of them are pretty old because they were handed down to him.. all his cards are in mint cond. we just need help figureing this out any help. thank you
    hi dlt90 -
    Have you been able to find the cards you are trying to look up? Once you have located the cards you are interested in - you can add them to your collection by selecting the green plus sign that is to the left of each card listed.

    We have not released all of our price guides just yet. We focused on the sets that had the most sales and most money during the initial build out of the system. As we move forward, we will add the esoteric sets.
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