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    1. I have several oversized cardboard baseball cards from 1970. Including: Johnny Bench, Robert Gibson, Dick Bosman, Andy Messersmith, Philip Nierko, and Roberto Clemente. Does anyone know if a) these are in fact 1970 Topps Super cards, and b) if they are worth anything.

    1. I have several UNDERSIZED baseball cards from 1976. John Candelaria, and John Mayberry. Does anyone know what these are? They have no identifying features, other than their size and that their from 1976.

    Additionally I have about 30 comics/ caricatures depicting world series' from the 20's and 30's made in 1968. Wondering if anyone knows something about them.
    Hi there,
    Do you have any images of the cards in question? That would help. If not, what other information can you provide us about the cards so that we can assist you?
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