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    Hi, i found 5 cards in a box but i dunno if they worth or have a price. So i start my serch in internet and find this page. Hope someone can help bout it, the cards are the 5 i had in my collection
    Can you tell us who the players are and what's one the back of the card?
    one is ray knight upper deck 1989
    dave concepcion upper deck 1989
    kurt stillwell upper deck 1989
    shane mack upper deck 1989 and
    george bell fleer 94.
    Hi nigromante1980,
    We have pricing available on all those cards. You can buy tokens if you think you will need more details; however, those cards do not have a great deal of value. I would suspect they are probably worth about $5.00 total.

    Hope that helps and let us know if you have any further questions.
    thanx for the information
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