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    i purchased a robin yount card off ebay awhile back. it is my favorite item in my collection. it is graded a 10 by gem elite grading. i was wondering what this card is worth. someone offered me $500 online but i want to hold on to it, i'm just wondering if anyone can help me out. thanks
    Elite is not a widely accepted authenticator. You might want to consider having the card re-evaluated by one of the other grading companies. It is hard to say what the card will be worth. I'm not sure it will grade out at a 10 with one of the other companies, but you can try.
    if it was graded by psa or beckett what is a 10 or a 9.5, 9, 8 worth?
    do you think gem will ever be excepted with the major ones?
    Even if Elite/Gem/etc... is accepted, the card would still need to be re-evaluated. People would know it was graded by a non-reputable authenticator.
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