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    I have about 40 1983 topps baseball cards, was wondering what they might be worth??????
    Hi Louisianaman,
    It is difficult to advise you as to the value of your cards without more information. However, our site is designed so that you can see what your cards are selling for in the open market. You may find our token program appealing. Tokens allow you to buy a block of pricing results. They do not expire and are a way for you to "pay as you go." Let me know if you have any further questions.
    • CommentAuthorMugwood
    • CommentTimeMay 1st 2009
    Are the 1983 Topps Quaker oats cards worth as much as regular Topps.
    Pete Rose, strawberry, Dale Murphy, Eddie Murray, Phil Niekro.

    Hi Mugwood,
    While I haven't seen any sales results from those cards, it is possible that someone would be willing to pay more for the cards you listed. However, I do not think it would be a significant premium.

    Hope that helps!
    • CommentAuthorMugwood
    • CommentTimeMay 7th 2009
    Thanks blacksoxfan
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