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    • CommentAuthorputrid20
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2009
    hi ...i just got a brand new sealed box of 40 pack containing 16 card each
    anyway i would like to know if they worth something
    and wich player were the most valuable
    there are 1989 score baseball card
    Hi Putrido20,
    Cards from that era do not usually go for a great deal of money unless they have been authenticated by a 3rd party. Ken Griffey Jr. cards are the most valuable cards from 1989; however, he was not in the 1989 Score base set. He was included in the Rookie/Traded set. Hope that helps.
    • CommentAuthorcuttybo
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2009
    a friend of the family told me not to watse my money on collecting again he says the value on baseball cards has went down i have bought some unopened packs off ebay 87-91 im happy with the players i have gotten brings back memories for me should i still keep going or is he other thing he has a couple of hank aarons he said arent worth anything now im thinkin about scooping them up since he dosent want them good or bad idea.
    As with most things, there really isn't one answer. Some cards are extremely valuable; others, have dropped in value significantly. Ultimately, the motivation for collecting (personal enjoyment vs. investment) should drive your decision of whether or not to collect and what to collect. Monetarily speaking, the vast majority of post 1980 cards are not worth a "significant" amount of money. This is of course, is relative. Keep in mind that high grade cards from star players will generally go for at least a little bit.

    As you go farther back in time, condition becomes less of a factor in determining a "minimum" value. That is, a 1954 Hank Aaron card is going to have some value regardless of the condition. However, as you move up the quality scale, the a cards value will increase. Sometimes, this jump is quite significant.

    Hope that helps! Whether you collect for personal enjoyment, financial gain, or some combination of the two, is really the biggest question to answer.
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