Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why are there sets/singles with no prices?

We only use realized sales results to create our price guides.  Certain cards and sets do not trade very often.  As our system expands, we will continue to publish sets with pricing as soon as possible.  If we do not have a real sale for an item, we will not list a price.

2) How do I track the value of cards I own?

We have designed a custom “My Collection” application.  Cards can be added to your collection from every checklist page.  You can edit your card information from the “My Collection” interface, located under the Price Guide tab.

3) What is the Universal Want List and how do I use it?

The Universal Want List allows you to easily find and purchase cards you are looking for.  You can add cards to your Want List through our checklist interface.  You will then see when cards on your list become available at one of the vendors that supply use with data.

4) How do I know if my card has a listed price?

Please visit the price guide to see our list of currently available sets.

5) If I need additional help, how do I contact you?

Please visit the contact us page.

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