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Topps Wacky Packages Become Wacky Digibles Facebook App

Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

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Early last month, Topps launched a facebook application named Wacky Digibles.  While it doesn’t really touch on the sports card theme very much, it may still have some appeal to hardcore collectors.  In 1967, Topps launched a series of cards they dubbed “Wacky Packages.”  You can read more about them over on Wikipedia; however, the short of the long is this: they were trading cards that parodied various brand products.  Wacky Packages were really popular during various times and even spawned the popular collectible series known as the Garbage Pale Kids.

The application allows you to buy cards (aka digibles) for your own collection, or give them to friends.  In addition, Topps made it a point to make some harder to get than others, thus feeding into the inherent desires of most every collector.  It seems that they plan to continually release new digibles every so often.  he release of the facebook application coincides with the release of a new line of Wacky Pages cards, which you can buy over on the Topps online store.