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eBay Offers Free Listings, Eliminates Store Inventory Format, And Changes Fee Structure

Friday, January 29th, 2010

ebay-logo In news that is sure to stir up coffee talk, eBay made more than a few major announcements with regards to its website auction listings.  In addition to some noteworthy supplemental changes, on March 30th, 2010, eBay will will eliminate their Store Inventory format and will introduce a new price structure.  For store owners with current listings, those items will be automatically converted to the standard Fixed-Price format.

Amongst some of the more intriguing changes, there will be a new option that gives sellers up to one hundred sub-$1 listings a month.  If items don’t sell, you don’t pay a thing.  Continuing along that path, there will be a flat 9% final value fee on all items (capped at $50).

Changes to the Store Inventory are particularly important to baseball card collectors and dealers, as a number of them rely on store listings to conduct transactions.  For high-volume dealers, listing fees will drop significantly; for those who sell less frequently, they will see insertion fees go up.

One of the more impactful ramifications of this decision is that the store listings will now be available in the main search results area.  In previous iterations, store listings were grouped together in a section outside of the core search results.

For a breakdown of the changes, keep on reading!